Frascati is not only a touristic place of great interest, but also an important center for science and research. In fact, many are the research centers in the area of Frascati: ESA-ESRIN, ASI, INFN, ENEA, CNR, and INAF. Also the University of Tor Vergata (the second university of Rome), and the Tor Vergata Polyclinic (PTV), are located only 1 kilometer from the center of Frascati, and are both easily and quickly accessible from our position, thanks to the new road inaugurated on the occasion of the Jubilee of the year 2000. Our hotel is also near the "Donato Menichella" center of the Bank of Italy.

frascati scienza, frascati scienceIn the middle of Italy, “Lazio" is the heart of Scientific Research

Rome, in particular the area Tuscolana, since the early 50s, plays an important role in international research and science in general.
The role of FrascatiScienza for Research
The association FrascatiScienza was born to share and participate in this important heritage, promoting education in scientific research and communicating it to the general public through spread events and permanent communication networks between researchers and citizens.
Researchers and citizens together
On the one hand, researchers who want to share experiences, communicate their work, updating and creating new and important tools to promote scientific culture in the Rome area. On the other hand, citizens who are curious, who share the importance of the role of research and who want to feel closer to it. Frascati Scienza is also aimed at schools and university students, offering them as a mean of access to research facilities and their training, and as a point of information on science communication in the Rome area.

esa esrin european space agencyESA - ESRIN (2,5 km)

ESA (European Space Agency) represents the gate to space for Europe. ESA aims to discover as much as possible about the earth, space, the solar system, and the universe. ESRIN (European Space Research Institute), known as the ESA center for earth observation, is one of the 5 specialized ESA centers in Europe, and is located near our hotel.centers in Europe.

infn National Institute for Nuclear PhysicsINFN (2 km)

Founded in 1951, the INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - National Institute for Nuclear Physics) has the purpose to continue and develop the scientific tradition begun in the 1930s with Enrico Fermi and his school. The LNF (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati - Frascati National Laboratories), located near our hotel, date back to 1955, when the INFN decided to build the first italian accelerator: the electrosynchrotron. The LNF also house the DAΦNE particle accelerator, that, before the LHC in Geneva was activated, was the only one of its kind to be active in Europe.

enea  National agency for new technologies, energy and the environmentENEA (2 km)

The ENEA (Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l'energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile - National agency for new technologies, energy and the environment) is an Italian public authority that operates in the fields of energy, environment, and new technologies. It supports competitiveness, and sustainable development. The headquarters of ENEA are located near our hotel, and very easily accessible from our position.

cnr  National Research CouncilCNR (3,5 km)

CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - National Research Council), located near our hotel, is an Italian public authority, with the purpose of carrying out, promoting, spreading, transferring and improving research activities in science, technology, and the main sectors of knowledge and of its applications, for scientific, technological, economical,
and social development.technological, economical, and social development.

inaf  National Institute for AstrophysicsINAF (MONTEPORZIO CATONE OBSERVATORY) (2,5 km)

INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica - National Institute for Astrophysics) is the most important research institute in Italy for astronomy, and astrophysics. Located in a splendid little town near Frascati, it received the cultural heritage of the italian astronomical observatories, and institutes. It carries out researches both on the solar system and the universe in general, from the point of view of the theory, the observations, and the experiments.

the livio gratton astronomical associationTHE “LIVIO GRATTON" ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION
, located in the Tuscolana area, is a free association that promotes social activities, branch of the Unione degli Astrofili Italiani (ATA - Italian Union of Amateur Astronomers), active in the Castelli Romani area, and in the Southern Province of Rome, working in the field of Amateur Astronomy, and spreading and promoting scientific knowledge. We are fascinated by the beauty of the starry sky, and the incredible history of its “discovery", thanks to science, property of everybody. We believe that astronomy, with its thousand-years old history, and its universal charm, is the ideal instrument to spread the culture and the passion for science, still too little known in our country, in order to value it and appreciate it, in schools and among the people.
The ATA wants to make the discovery of the Universe an experience to share, connecting Associations, Schools, Institutions, Cultural and Research Organizations, and making sure that… astronomy and science can belong to everyone.

From 2010 to 2016 headquarters of INVALSI (Istituto Nazionale per la Valutazione del Sistema d'Istruzione - National Institute for the Evaluation of the Education System), Villa Falconieri is now, since 2016, the headquarters of Accademia Vivarium Novum, with the purpose of teaching classical languages. This institute, known all over the world, attracts students from many countries, and these learn classical languages as though they were modern languages. Here people speak only in latin, and sometimes in ancient greek.
Thanks to this association, it is now possible to regularly visit this jewel of architecture.
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bank of italyBANK OF ITALY (4 km)

The "Donato Menichella" center of the Bank of Italy, located in Vermicino (Frascati), near our hotel, can be accessed very easily and quickly from our position.


Villa Mondragone is one of the twelve Ville Tuscolane constructed by the papal nobal class in the 16th century, in the Frascati countryside. It is now located in the Monte Porzio Catone territory, near Frascati, easily accessible from our hotel. In 1981 the villa was sold by the Jesuits to the University of Tor Vergata, where now exhibitions, conferences, and congresses arranged by the University take place.conferences, and congresses arranged by the University take place.

tor vergata universityUNIVERSITÀ DI TOR VERGATA (5 km)

The University of Tor Vergata is the second university of Rome, near Frascati. Founded in 1982, with its faculties of Economics, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Mathematical physical and natural sciences, and engineering is very easily and quickly accessible from our hotel.

policlinico tor vergataPOLICLINICO TOR VERGATA (5 km)

The PTV (Policlinico Tor Vergata – Tor Vergata Polyclinic) has the following specializations: neurology, gastroenterology, first aid, hematology, orthopedics, rheumatology, otolaryngology.
It can be accessed very easily and quickly from Frascati. The bus stop for the PTV is located only 100 meters from our hotel.

frascati scherma, frascati fencingSCHERMA FRASCATI
Founded in 1954, "Frascati Scherma" aims to promote fencing, and the sport values related to it.
This important institution has reached, during its long history, a great deal of goals, becoming one of the most important italian sport associations, both for the number of athletes and for the number of victories.
For information, you can have a look at the website , or you can contact the hotel.


The DIA (Direzione Investigativa Antimafia - Anti-mafia Investigation Department) is the investigation department that has the responsibility to fight the mafia type of organized crime.

anticrimine, anticrime officeANTICRIME (IN CINECITTÀ) (9 km)

The DaC (Direzione Centrale Anticrimine della Polizia di Stato - Central Anticrime Directorate of Public Security) is a directorate of the department of Public Security. It was founded on the 1st of June 2005, and includes three different units: the SCO (Servizio Centrale Operativo - Cerntal Operations Service), the forensic science police service, and the territory control service.


The Italian headquarters of Ericsson, a leading company in telecommunications, is located in Via Anagnina, only 5 km from Frascati.

fiera di roma, roma's fairFIERA ROMA (35 km)

Fiera Roma is the most important exhibition pole in Rome. It is located in Via Portuense, between Rome and Fiumicino.

commercityCOMMERCITY (35 km)

Commercity represents the ideal meeting point for traders and suppliers, in order to allow the retailer to meet the many needs of the consumers

serco spaSERCO s.p.a (IN FRASCATI) (0,7 Km)
Serco S.p.A. is the Italian branch of Serco Group , a world-wide leading company that provides IT Services, security services (as data protection, physical protection, and urban protection), engineering services, and supports development and research activities of the most important nation and international institutes of the italian and European territory. Among the major clients, are ESA (European Space Agency), the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Central Bank, the region of Lombardy, CONSOB, Ericsson, the European Research Center (JRC), the CNEL, FAO, and the Bank of Italy.


Institution active since 1877, the Trinity College is present in more than 60 countries in the world, with more than 700,000 candidates that from from all different countries decide to be examined by the Trinity College, in the many headquarters scattered all around the globe: english language, first of all, but also music, performance arts, and activities related to the abilities to communicate, for an education at different levels of expertise, for people of different ages, that can be appreciated in the academic world and in the world of business.
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A no-profit cultural association that has been present in Frascati for 25 years, with its Music School, and still active in the Roman Castles territory with concerts, master classes, and events.
In 2013 it was chosen by the renown Trinity College, as its official centre for music exams.
Collegium Artis is that important organization, that promotes the International Piano Competition Mozart, that attracts hundreds of music lovers from all over the world. Collegium Artis is located at a few steps from our Hotel, and can be reached from it very easily.
For further information, you can visit, or contact directly the hotel.
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