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Bright Christmas in Frascati. Dozens of lights enlighten the town.

Christmas 2019 arrives and Frascati fills with lights and colors. Christmas 2019 is coming and the classic Frascati Christmas Market is still here.

This year the Christmas of Frascati is particularly lively, with many illuminations, colors, installations, christmas trees. Thanks to the initiative of the exhibitors of the town, calebration days in the Pearl of the Castelli Romani are more lively than ever.

For years now, faced with the laziness of the different administrations that have followed one another over the years, and faced with the historic difficulties of the municipalities to promote the strengths of the Castelli localities, in a synergetic perspective and with an effective planning that has an overview in the future, the merchants of Frascati reacted with various initiatives, designed to give the right luster to the town which is known as the City of Wine, and to make activities and business flourish.

As symbol of the festivities and of a Christmas dedicated to small distribution, stands the bright teddy bear in Piazza San Pietro, which attracts dozens of children, eager to be photographed with the giant bear. The plush is the symbol of an initiative that aims to move the city trade, and that promises discounts, to those who will show their selfie in the company of the furry teddy bear, at the many shops that expose the poster with the soft animal. In order to promote the initiative, an amazing animated video was recorded and we are going to show it down below.
This is an initiative that invites citizens not only to buy, but to experience Christmas inside the city, in the spirit of tradition.

Tradition revived from the return of the Frascati Christmas Market. The evergreen Christkindlmarkt returns, following the splendid tree-lined avenue of viale Veneto and bringing the best of local, Christmas and craft specialties. Walking with the view of Rome the eternal city, among the Christmas lights and the smell of sweets, is a unique experience.
Christmas in Frascati would not be such, without the walk to the avenue, a physical and symbolic entrance that leads to the heart of the town, which, this year shines like it never did before.