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B.I.A.R.T.E.N. , Artistic International Biennal of the Roman Castles – Nemi, from May 27th to July 23rd.
Another great event in the City of Strawberries besides the well-known Strawberries Fair of the 04th of June: an international event, with the aim of "promoting and spreading the knowledge of contemporary art", and that attempts, with this event, to also promote the territory of the Roman Castles, full of suggestive and enchanting locations, allowing "artistic beauty" to merge with "natural beauty".
The exhibitions of the canvas will take place in Castello Ruspoli, and in the streets of the historical center of this little town, and will be curated by Maria Arcidiacono, critic, historian, and archaeologist.
In the exhibition you will be able to admire works of art of more than 20 well-known artists, and this event, organized by PRO LOCO NEMI, will be surrounded by a series of collateral event.
A shuttle service will be available.
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Historical re-enactments of the Group "Legio II Parthica Severiana Albana" - Rome and Roman Castles - 25/06/2017 and 16/07/2017.

The group commemorates the history of the roman legion of the same name, that, founded in 197 A.D. by emperor Septimius Severus with the purpose of fighting the Parthian, a Persian people, later became the guard of the emperor, and was together all the emperor of the 3rd century in battle. It was the only legion to be allowed to have a permanent camp in Italy, near Rome, upon which Albano Laziale was born. The group trains every Saturday afternoon in the Amphitheatre of Albano.
The schedule of the events, that will take place in Rome and in many little towns of the Roman Castles, that can be all reached very easility and comfortably from our position, is the following:
Sunday June 25th (at 17:30): "Time travel - Sacra Latii" - Religious Cerimony (Palestrina).
Sunday July 16th (at 17:30): "Time Travel – Sacra Latii" - Religious Cerimony (Nemi).
We will be waiting for you.

Pizza and Beer Festival – Velletri, from 14th to 23rd of July 2017.

When a name speaks for itself, for a delicious event dedicated to food, wine, and fun: street food, craft beer, music, shows, little markets… and, above all, tons of pizza.
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Associazione ArtisticaMente

Anfiteatro Festival 6th edition, Music & Art in the Amphitheater – Albano, from July the 15th to August the 15th 2017.
Certanily, one of the most important event of the summer of the Roman Castles, that will take place in one of the most beautiful surroundings: the Roman Amphitheater of Albano.
The Amphitheater of Albano stands for great music and culture: poetry, prose, dance, extraordinary performers and very high quality.
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81st Peach Festival – Castelgandolfo, from the 21st to the 23rd of July 2017.
An entire day dedicated to this wonderful fruit, peaches, in Piazza della Libertà, and in the whole historical center of Castelgandolfo, from the 21st to the 23rd of July 2017.
Thanks to its volcanic soil, peaches from Castelgandolfo, also known as "guange del canonico" (literally "cheeks of the priest"), have always had a very high standard in terms of quality.
During these three days, the Town of the Popes will be the place where people will be able to find the best peaches in Italy and in the world. Furthermore, a lot of food and wine stands, music, and a lot of fun will make these three days very special.
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"Monte Compatri in Jazz" - from the 28th to the 30th of July - Monte Compatri.
Here it comes again the 15ª edition of the one and only Monte Compatri in Jazz.
"La terrazza del Belvedere" (Belvedere Terrace), with its amazing view on Rome, will house the live events, with their magic
top-level music and musicians.


67th Porchetta Festival – Ariccia September 1st 2017.
Certainly, the most famous festival in the Roman Castles area, for the most famous product, perhaps after Frascati wine: the 67th Porchetta Festival Ariccia. A precise organization, to serve and celebrate the best features of this delicious IGP product: during the entire week-end, in fact, tasteful porchetta will be served by salesmen dressed up in traditional costumes of the folklore of Ariccia, the streets of the town will be decorated for the celebrations, together with the many stands that will be located on the sides of the alleys.
It will also be possible, during this important event, to visit Palazzo Chigi (Baroque Museum) and Locanda Martorelli (Grand Tour Museum), the historical buildings of Ariccia, and there will also be live music in the most important squares and streets of the town, there will also be live music.
The event will end in Piazza di Corte, with the final musical show, and the astonishing fireworks.
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