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frascati's night traditional summer market"Frascati's Nights" - traditional market and food & wine stands - during all Summer 2018.

"Frascati's Nights" is the usual traditional market that every year lights up the afternoons and evenings of tourists and citizens of the amazing Frascati, "Pearl of the Roman Castles". A market sourrounded by the beauty of Villa Torlonia and Villa Aldobrandini with the wonderful viewpoint over Rome, the "Eternal City" . Craft, food and wine products for dozens of stands, in a magical setting.
san rocco feastPatronal Feast of San Rocco - August 16th - Rocca Priora

To celebrate the patron saint of the village, Rocca Priora is filled with stands and music that will accompany the usual liturgies and the traditional procession. The celebration ends with an amazing fireworks show.

borghi divini, albano laziale, wineBorghi diVini 3rd edition - 25th and 26th August - Albano Laziale.

The event that has now become a must, that includes visits to the marvellous center of Albano and tastings of local wines. Not to be missed.

handmade fettuccine, pasta, monte compatri10th Handmade Fettuccine Festival - from August 24th to September 2nd - Monte Compatri

Fettuccine with meat sauce and porcini mushrooms will be the protagonists of the evening. Music, stands, traditional market and inflatables located on the beautiful promenade of the town.
lamb feast, rocca priora48th Sagra Dell'Agnello - from 17 to 19 August and from 24 to 26 August - Rocca Priora.

2 weekends of music and traditional food with opened stands for lunch on Sunday.

rocca priora feast, summerEstate Roccapriorese 2018 - until September 15th - Rocca Priora

Rocca Priora colors with many shades: events, parties, festivals, competitions, ancient rides and tons of stands, ??beer and traditional food.

cinema under the stars, velletriCinema Under the Stars - until 02 September - Velletri

In a marvelous setting, the best of contemporary film and Cinema History.
"Solo", "The darkest hour", "Justice League", will be waiting for you in Piazza C.O. August.
villa falconieriOpening of Villa Falconieri - every Sunday - Frascati.

Villa Falconieri, the amazing building of the XIV century, built by Monsignor Alessandro Rufini bishop of Melfi, and later enlarged by Pope Paul the III, opens to public every Sunday from 10 to 13 a.m., with the possibility of guided tours at 10 and 12 a.m.It also open from 03 to 06 p.m., on the first Sunday of the month, with the possibility of guided tours at 04 and 05 p.m.The building and the park took their name from Orazio Falconieri, who bought the villa in 1628 and commissioned the restoration to Francesco Borromini, who made Villa Falconieri the Wonder we see today. Guided tours are organized and held by the Vivarium Novum Academy.

places of the roman castlesThe Beauties of The Castles - opening of the most important monuments and places of the Roman Castles - every Suturday and Sunday.

Openings that tale place every Saturday and Sunday, except during some religious celebration and special and happening.
San Nilo Museum and Abbey
The thousand year old Byzantine rite abbey built by Saint Nilo in 1004 D.C.
Visit and guided tour to the Archaeological Area of Tuscolo - Monte Porzio Catone (RM)
Thanls to Gal (Archeological Latin Group Latium Vetus) you can visit the well-known park with its ancient ruines.
Parco Sforza Cesarini - Genzano di Roma(Rm)
The beautiful romantic garden, created in the English manner, with native and exotic plants, small waterfalls, nymphaeums and some astonishing views of Lake Nemi.
Underground caves of Marino - Piazza MAtteotti - Marino
Opening of the underground caves, a real city under the city, which extend for kilometers below the ground.


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