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ESA-ECMWF WORKSHOP: Machine Learning for Earth System Observation and Prediction.


ESA ECMWF Workshop 2024, (ESA aka European Space Agency), as can be seen from the title, this year will deal with Machine/Deep Learning (ML/DL) techniques and how these techniques can completely revolutionize the capabilities of understanding and predicting planet Earth dynamics.

Machine/Deep Learning (ML/DL) techniques are already revolutionizing numerous fields and are already used in medical diagnosis, traffic forecasting, recognition and image creation and so on. ESOP (Earth System Observation and Prediction) could not fail to increase its attention and adopt and integrate these new techniques with traditional physics-based NWP/climate forecasting methodologies.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, new high-fidelity digital models of the Earth are being developed every day on a global scale, with a holistic vision and idea of the planet, which help to understand its behaviour, where traditional observation techniques are not enough.

The emergence of quantum computing (QC), and the paradigms of edge computing, allow on one hand the development of algorithms and simulations capable of learning to correct their own decisions, and on the other fast execution and processing of decisions where speed is often crucial.

From this perspective, monitoring, simulation and prediction are fundamental, which allow us to analyze and predict the interactions that human activities have on natural phenomena, and therefore think and propose models and solutions.

The realization of the objectives of the Green Deal, in this new scenario, appears less utopian and presents new prospects for control and intervention.

The ECMWF Workshop will last 4 days and includes oral reports and posters, with the possibility of discussing one-to-one and one-to-many with the speakers who on one hand will show their work and on the other will answer the questions of the participants in the Workshop, trying to give a complete vision of the complex topic. Working groups will also be formed to propose new strategies and ideas on these new techniques and on their use to resolve current critical issues and the problems the planet is facing nowaday.

The Meeting will be held in the ESA/ESRIN laboratories in Frascati, from 07 to 10 May 2024. ESA (European Space Agency) and ESRIN (European Space Research Institute) have always been one of the major institutions based in the Frascati area and are one inexhaustible source of people, ideas , work and growth in general, for the whole town.

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