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16th of February: Frascati Carnival official start.

The Carnival of Frascati is coming back with its majesy, its allegorical floats, its Pulcinellas, and tons of colors.

After the over-criticized edition of 2019, marked by the lack of support from city institutions, and the less lively participation of the "frascatani" (Frascati citizens), for what has always been an indispensable tradition, 2020 prepares the right medicine to guarantee to the "Pearl of Castelli Romani ", an edition worthy of its former splendor, its history and charm; for the city known worldwide as The City of Wine.

2020 Frascati Carnival will be a totally self-financed event, organized thanks to the work of the association "Arte e Passione". The premises (and promises) for a great edition are already set: a 19(NINETEEN!)-feet-tall Pulcinella will be the protagonist (or the victim) of the final day, and, given the size of the giant puppet, will probably give life to a pyre funerals of unprecedented size!
The allegorical floats are coming back too, and  "Carnival King" cannot be missing amongst them.
And many proud Pulcinellas (frascatani citizens disguised as the well-known mask) are already enlisted to keep high the honor of the traditional "Pulcinellata" (Pulcinellas procession).

After the great success of Christmas 2020, another great triumph of participation is glimpsed.
The recipe seems to be the good one, a recipe that calls the commitment of an entire city, as a movement from below where  energies, means and enthusiasm of people fill the failings of the administrations, restoring centrality to the life of the city and traditions.
Frascati Carnival 2020 will start on February 16th. Do not miss!

Here you can find the time table of the event.