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Roman Castles.

Roman Castles: what an amazing place!

Considered he place of vacation for nobles and lords since ancient times (even this habit dates back to the Roman Empire), the Roman Castles are a complex of towns (17), which rises on the Alban Hills, in a splendid and lush territory of volcanic origin.

The splendid lakes of Albano and Nemi, bear witness to this origin, and are today the favorite destination of the inhabitants of the Roman countryside, when the summer reaches its highest peaks of heat.

These are places full of wonders not just of natural origin, but also of artistic and architectural nature: Castelli Romani are renowned for their food and wine products, for a traditional and genuine Roman cuisine, and for grapes and wines (such as the white Frascati DOCG), of top quality. 

Among the towns of the Castelli Romani we recall:
Frascati: born from the ashes of the city of Tusculum, Frascati has always been the summer destination of the Roman aristocracy; known for its beautiful 16th century villas (Villa Aldobrandini, Villa Falconieri, Villa Mondragone) Frascati is considered the "Pearl of the Roman Castles".

Also known for a DOCG white wine and for top-level research centers located a few kilometers from the centre of the town (Esa, Infn, Enea, Cnr, Bank of Italy, etc.)

Take note: the Chiesa del Gesù church and the Cathedral of San Pietro.

Albano Laziale
: town that owes its name to the word albus (white), white as the color of the lake that brings the same name.

Take note:  the evocative Cisterns of Albano, a huge complex of water tanks, still functioning.

Castel Gandolfo
: a town with a magnificent view on the Lake of Albano, known for its splendid Papal Gardens and Papal Palace.

: known for the beautiful abbey of San Nilo, founded in 1004 in honor of the saint of the same name. It is the only Greek Byzantine rite in central and northern Italy.

Take note:  the Cryptoporticus; the Restoration Laboratory of Ancient Books.

: the "bomboniera", renowned for the famous Strawberry Festival and the breathtaking view of Lake Nemi.

Take note: the Museum of Roman Ships.

: known for the famous Porchetta of Ariccia, and for the mysterious Ascent in Descent, a place where gravity would seem crazy and that still attracts hundreds of onlookers.

Genzano di Roma
: note for the famous Infiorata, an artistic competition, where the images are made with the petals of flowers, and which is held every year on the occasion of Corpus Domini.