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Frascati: your day trip from Rome.

For your day trip from Rome, nothing more refreshing than Frascati.

The good weather is coming, the heat and the sun are here, and are you looking for that fresh and genuine place to spend your weekend? Don't worry, a few kilometers from Rome, you will find that oasis of peace and greenery known as the Pearl of Castles: Frascati.

Frascati, also known as the "City of Wine", has always been the favorite destination for Romans, who use to spend their weekends here to escape the Roman heat.

Even in the Ancient Rome era, thanks to its ventilated climate, the town attracted the Roman aristocracy, who built their own villas in the surroundings of ancient Tusculum (as a matter of fact Frascati), at the foot of the mountain of the same name.

With the Renaissance, Frascati experienced an authentic Golden Age, when it was elevated to the rank of city and became the cradle of the 12 famous Tusculan Villas. From that moment on, the Pearl of Castles became the favorite destination of the papal court for its summer holidays.

Eras change, centuries pass, but some traditions remain the same: even today Frascati is that place a stone's throw from the Eternal City, where you can go for a Sunday outing, or a motorbike ride.

Thanks to a vital but safe sociality, an enviable natural setting, a cultural context that brings together tradition and scientific innovation (thanks to the laboratories of Esrin, Infn, Enea, etc.) and obviously its proximity to the Capital, Frascati is a unique place, a magnetic pole crossed every weekend by a river of people of all ages.

King and Queen of the town are obviously an excellent White Wine (Frascati Bianco DOCG) and the Roman cuisine, of which Frascati represents one of the few examples that still offers faith to the tradition, and a cuisine that is both genuine and accessible to all.

Finally, how not to mention, among the things that make Frascati unique, its historic railway connection with Rome, which has its roots in a distant times, too: the Frascati - Roma Termini line was in fact the first railway of the Papal State and was opened in 1856. In less than 25 minutes it allows you to reach the center of the capital and enjoy the historical/artistic wonders of the city. This is one of the reasons that increasingly leads numerous tourists to prefer a location like Frascati to the very expensive hotels in the center of Rome, or to the difficulties of moving around the downtowns of the metropolis.

If your ideal holiday is in a cool place, surrounded by rows of vines, woods, streams, Renaissance villas, if you are a lover of good food and wine, if you love conviviality and city life, Frascati is the right place for you.