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ESA ESRIN European Space Agency and European Center for Earth Observation.

ESA (European Space Agency) represents the gate to space for Europe. ESA aims to discover as much as possible about the earth, space, the solar system, and the universe.
ESRIN (European Space Research Institute), known as the ESA Center for Earth Observation, is one of the 5 specialized centers in Europe, and it is located near the Hotel Colonna.

The European Space Agency ESA ,( Agence spatiale Européenne ASE in French or Agenzia Spaziale Europea in Italian), is an international agency founded in 1975 to coordinate the space projects in 22 European countries.
Its headquarters are located in Paris, Moscow, Brussels, Frascati,Washington and Houston. The 2016 ESA staff amounted to 2200 people and its budget is about € 5.25 billion. 

Esa main spaceport is the Guyanais Space Center in Kourou, (French Guiana), the ideal site as base for launches, because of its proximity to the equator. During the last few years, ESA is NASA's main competitor in space exploration.

There are many strategic offices placed around the world for different scopes and goals: ESA's scientific missions are based on the ESTEC base of Noordwijk in the Netherlands; the European Space Operations Center (ESOC), of Darmstadt in Germany, is responsible for monitoring ESA satellites in orbit; The European Space Research Institute (ESRIN) in Frascati, Italy, is responsible for the collection, storage and distribution of satellite data to ESA partners; in addition to this, the structure presents itself as an information center for the whole agency; the European Astronaut Center (EAC) is in Cologne, Germany, and is a center meant for the selection, training, and medical support of astronauts, as well as support for flight preparations and missions. Finally, the European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC), located in Villanueva de la Cañada, is the ESA center for astronomical research.

The European Center for Earth Observation, (whose acronym is ESRIN - European Space Research Institute), is one of the six centers located in Europe and it is responsible for remote sensing.
The center, was founded in 1966, and is located in Frascati, a town located 20 km south of Rome and has an international staff of 140 employees.
The first data acquisition from environmental satellites began in the seventies.