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Hotel Colonna Frascati

Frascati, in addition to being a destination of extraordinary interest amongst tourists, thanks to its notable landscape and gastronomic heritage, also represents an excellent opportunity to practice your favorite sport surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Roman countryside. Hotel Colonna recommends:


Hotel Colonna in Frascati has always paid particular attention to its guests two wheels-addicted. With a garage capable of hosting over 20 motorcycles, the hotel has been involved in rallies and events such as the 110th anniversary of Harley Davidson. Immersed in the landscape heritage of the Castelli Romani Regional Park, a motorbike holiday in Frascati can represent an opportunity to enjoy, immersed in nature, the evocative routes of the consular roads.


Practicing recreational activities on the lake of Castel Gandolfo offers the visitor an unforgettable experience among the natural scenery of Castelli Romani, that smell of history and myth: legend tells that, the ancient Alba Longa, founded by Ascanio, son of Aeneas, stood where Castel Gandolfo is today.
And, like a modern Ascanius, you will be able to board your canoe, and travel on this ancient instrument, almost as old as the origin of man. Castel Gandolfo and Lake Albano are just a few minutes from Frascati and Hotel Colonna. For information about the boat and canoe ride on Castel Gandolfo lake, you can call the hotel directly.

Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani (Castelli Romani Regional Park), which includes fifteen municipalities in Lazio, and which stands on the area of ​​the Ancient Lazio Volcano, consists of a vast protected area, with the aim of maintaining an environmental balance with the territory, trying to maintain, and increase its biodiversity. Castelli Romani nature park includes a large environmental reserve, characterized by varied landscape scenarios, inhabited by a multitude of animals and plants. The park's objective is to preserve nature, help keep local customs and craftsmanship alive, and protect the various types of settlements that have developed over time. There are numerous routes, such as that of Tempio di Diana (the Temple of Diana), Monti Tuscolani (the Tuscolani Mountains), or Tuscolo Antica (Ancient Tuscolo), of considerable importance for their landscape, naturalistic and archaeological particularities, which are ideal for splendid walking excursions.


Frascati and the Roman Castles offer for bicycle lovers different courses. Very suggestive is the "path of the volcano", a challenging itinerary that, passing through the Roman Castles Regional Park, goes along the crater of the Ancient Latium Volcano. Otherwise, for the best-trained ones, there is the traditional course, that, starting from Frascati, goes through Grottaferrata, Marino, Castel Gandolfo, Albano, Genzano, Ariccia, and Nemi. For information, you can call the hotel. Approximate rates: - electric bicycle € 25,00 (3 hours), € 40,00 (6 hours); - normal bicycle € 15,00 (3 hours) € 25,00 (6 hours). For reservation for more than 6 persons, we recommend to call the hotel. The hotel has also private MOUNTAIN BIKES, that our guests can use for free. (Please note that a reservation is necessary.)

Immersed in the nature of the Regional Park, the Roman Castles area is a spectacular mosaic of vineyards, beech woods, oak woods, and little towns facing stretches of water. The many archaeological and naturalistic itineraries, and the scents of the ancient roman roads offer the tourist an oasis of relax, at a few steps from Rome. For further information, you can call directly the hotel. Approximate rates Total, for groups up to 6 persons = € 60.00. Cost per person, for groups with 6 persons or more = € 10.00 Duration of the excursion about 2-4 hours.

Frascati Scherma was born in 1954, in the attempt to promote, the values of sport and competition, thanks to the teaching of fencing. Hotbed for great champions, Frascati Scherma is one of the most important association in the country, and it achieved several success in important competitions. For more info contact the hotel.

At the Equestrian center of "Pratoni del Vivaro", of the equestrian sports italian federation, located near out hotel, you will be able to be acquainted with horses in every aspect, and try the many equestrian activities.

Cooking lessons for all levels (including professionals from outside Italy, who want to propose the italian cuisine all around the world).For info contact the hotel, or send an e-mail specifying your needs and expectations.

Located in the suggestive Roman countryside, on the borderline of Appia Antica, near our hotel, once owned by the Boncompagni-Ludovisi Princes, the Fioranello Golf Club, very easily and comfortably accessible from Frascati, was inaugurated in 1979. Appreciated since the beginning, many works were necessary, in order to expand it and meet the consistent and increasing request of new partners.

Originally designed by Robert Trent Jones, the golf field, located in the Roman Castles, near our hotel, is in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape. The Club House was converted from Flavio Chigi's villa, Cardinal of Sassia, and grandson of Pope Alexander the 7th. The works to restore it were entrusted to Architect Giorgio Braghiroli, and were done in the 1960s. They represent an extraordinary masterpiece in restoring and recovery.

Founded in 1903, the Roma Acquasanta Golf Club is the oldest golf club in Italy. It was born thanks to "The Rome Glof Club" which already existed before the birth of Acquasanta and was formed by British and American diplomats, who identified the land belonging to the princes of Torlonia as the ideal place to set the definitive base of the Golf Club and its activities. The Club, which initially had a 9-hole course, underwent some expansions and the construction of various club houses and in 1913 saw the birth of the 18-hole course. The course is certainly one of the most fun in Italy.