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Hotel Colonna in Frascati: the Pearl of The Roman Castles.

The Roman Castles (Castelli Romani) have always been for the Romans, the ideal place to spend the weekends, especially during hot summer Sundays.
Those were the main holiday destination, since the times of the Empire, because of their mild climate compared to the hot temperatures of the capital, the lush nature, as well as a generous land that has always given high quality food and wine products, including a wonderful series of wines.
17 towns are set among the Alban Hills (Colli Albani), a stone's throw from Rome, in a volcanic area, characterized by medieval and papal works of art, such as abbeys, cathedrals, fortresses, fountains and amazing papal villas.

Frascati, the "Pearl of the Castles" or the "City of Wine", is among the towns of the Castles, the closest to the Eternal City, from which it is less than half an hour.
Characterized by the splendid sixteenth century Villa Aldobrandini, which, with its marvelous façade dominates the hill, and offers a breathtaking view to those coming from the historic via Tuscolana, Frascati is also known for the goodness of its food and wine, including a renowned White DOCG.

The Roman Cuisine here is the master, with its apparently simplicity and poor recipes, where the hand of the cook and loyalty to tradition, make the difference. Food and quality wine are the other reason that calls every summer, hundreds of families and children from Rome and from all over Lazio (reginal area).
"Carbonara", "Amatriciana", are just a few names of famous recipes that now boast an international reputation and attract tourists from all over Italy and around the world.

Lots of international tourists who from the antipodes of the globe (especially the United States, Australia, Russia, China and beyond), are pouring over the town to try the goodness of the grapes and cellars of Frascati, surrending to the tradition of the famous "fraschette": places where, according to tradition, people went to try the house wine, bringing lunch from outside.
Today these "fraschette" represent the facade of highly modern winemaking companies, which produce grapes and wines of very high quality.

Finally, the Frascati / Roma Termini Station line, the first railway line of the Vatican, is the flagship of Frascati's tourism, which comfortably takes tourists to and from the center of Rome in less than one hour.

The Hotel Colonna is the facility that beats in the heart of the city and looks with its façade, to the beautiful squares of Piazza del Gesù and Piazza San Pietro, well-known for their splendid church and cathedral.
Built in a historic building, its façade blends with the alleys of the city center and opens the door to a myriad of paths that lead to dozens of traditional restaurants and taverns, all reachable in the time of a few minutes walk, to spend in a precious architectural context, reminiscent of the streets of the Capital.
20 rooms in the Empire style with a very high technological standard, that are the key to the success of the hotel, which can satisfy the most diversified requests and needs: from the business man on a business trip, to the family enjoying their weekend , everyone can find his little oasis of where to rest, thanks also to a competent and attentive staff.

Years of experience and honesty are the basis of a relationship of trust with the guests, who often start a lasting relationship with the hotel over the years.
Finally, how not to mention our beautiful breakfast room where you can enjoy a bouffet breakfast, among the representations of the papal villas, frescoed by a famous local artist.
Hotel Colonna is a facility where every detail is treated with extreme care and attention, in order to guarantee the customer a quality service that makes them feel at home.