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Hotel Colonna: our registration with MePA, Electronic Market of the Public Administration.

Hotel Colonna is registered as GIEFFEGI S.r.l. to the MePA, aka the Electronic Market of the Public Administration.

It’s with a ton of pride that we announce our registration in MePa: Electronic Market of Public Administration.

Hotel Colonna, as GIEFFEGI S.r.l. is registered with, the first site that offers information and assistance for participation in the tenders of the Electronic Markets of the Public Administration. is an editorial project by Studio Albonet, made up of a team of professionals specialized in public contracts. The aim of the project is to promote transparency and competition in public procurement (if you are interested in the technical aspects, go to the bottom of the page!)

Always attentive to the thematics of Territory and Progress (we are the first failicty in Frascati to equip itself with a charging station for electric cars), Hotel Colonna immediately seized the opportunity to actively participate in the Electronic Market, seeing its immense possibilities and appreciating the idea at the base of community and transparency.

Hotel Colonna was born 25 years ago as GIEFFEGI S.r.l. of the Cavassini historic family from Frascati, strongly involved in the promotion of the town and Castelli Romani area. The Hotel development and life follows the idea and thought of the ownership: a mixture of a strong bond with the traditions and the territory (which translates into the elegance of the Empire style furnishings of the hotel, as well as the attention to details and small things), and attention to technology and progress, which translates into a centralized system that manages the comfort of the rooms, as well as a series of services, from the stairlift to the electric charging station (the first in Frascati): all of them characterized by a high technological standard.

MePA – How it actually works.
It all begins with the publication of a notice by Consip (the joint-stock company which acts as the purchasing center for the public administration); the MePA tender is active and available for orders and negotiations; companies request qualification for the tender, which is assessed by Consip, and, if necessary, approved; at that point, depending on the tender and the nature of the services, the Administrations publish their tenders or issue direct orders; Here we intervene, as, the Suppliers, who "process the orders" or present their offer, which is evaluated by the Administrations. Thanks to MePA, procedures become incredibly simple, and tenders become much more transparent.