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Fiera di Grottaferrata (National Fair of Grottaferrata).

Fiera Nazionale di Grottaferrata (National Fair of Grottaferrata) is a well-known event that every years, in March, attracts thousands of visitors in that splendid town of Castelli Romani and it is one of the most famous fairs and festivals at national level, especiallyfor the display and sale of agricultural machinery, even though over the years the exhibition field has expanded to include crafts, commerce, food and wine and business in general.

The origin is due to the migration of many pilgrims who went to visit the abbey of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata, founded in 1004 by the monk St. Nilo of Rossano.

This flow became more intense on the occasion of March 25th for the feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, and the fair arose spontaneously from the need for exchange of goods and food, for the faithful who had poured over the region (Grottaferrata did not exist yet) .

Only in 1761 the fair was formalized by Clement XIII and over the years has established itself as one of the most important national showcases for the display of crafts and work machines, in particular agricultural machinery.

The Fair will be held this year from March 23rd to 31st in Piazzale San Nilo and will be open to the public every day from 10am to 9pm. The Fair also includes seminars and events to be held on March 27th, 30th and 31st. .

For more information, please visit the official page of the municipality.

For reservations during the period of the Fair, do not hesitate to contact us: special offers for exhibitors and participants.

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