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Orchidee dal Mondo: orchids from all over the world.

Here it comes again "Orchidee dal Mondo" (orchids from all over the world), that wonderful three-day floral event held in April, in the beautiful town of Monte Porzio Catone.

Main character of the event, of course, are the "Orchidacee" flowers, known to all as orchids: those beautiful colorful flowers, which belong to the monocotyledonous family, and which originate for the vast majority in tropical or sub-tropical areas of Asia, America and South America.

Every April Monte Porzio Catone is filled with the scent and colors of this extraordinary flower, which is able to adapt to the most diverse habitats, and the town becomes the rich theater of a series of musical, cultural, artistic, exhibitions, theatrical events, sports and literary meetings. 

With the obvious stand of local wine, an excellence in the territory of the Castelli Romani and the Roman countryside.

Orchidee dal Mondo is a true intercontinental event, a fair of exhibitors and enthusiasts, that attracts customers from all over the world: Germany, France, South America, Taiwan are only the first names among the countries with the largest number of users and producers.

For this 24th edition, the event will move to Villa Mondragone, a splendid tuscan villa built in the 16th century by papal nobility, in the countryside of Frascati, nowaday base for meeting and scientific congresses for the University of Tor Vergata. The structure of the event remains the same, and the scientific program will be hold by the Department of Biology and Botanical Garden.

Monte Porzio Catone is that beautiful town, located on a hill just a few kilometers from Frascati and from our hotel, known for the Orchids and the famous International Presepi and Diorama Exhibition. Orchids from the World becomes the opportunity to visit the wonders of this town, such as the Barco Borghese, Il Museo Diffuso del Vino (the Widespread Museum of Wine) or, for those who love science, the Astronomical Observatory.

Reaching Villa Mondragone from the center of Frascati is really easy: you have just to follow the famous Via del Tuscolo, for a few minutes, until you turn into Via Cardinale Guglielmo Massaia.

Starting from the Hotel Colonna, you have to take via Regina Margherita, moving towards Via Gregoriana. Thene you turn into via Angelo Celli, and you continue in via Canina and then you turn into via del Tuscolo. Finally you have to turn into via Cardinale Guglielmo Massaia.