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Vintage Cars and Castelli Romani.

Castelli Romani have always been a favorite destination for local and international tourism and in particular have always been the ideal setting for numerous vintage car (and motorcycle) rallies.

The enchanting natural landscape with its hills and its roads surrounded by greenery, and the charm of a millenary history with its art and culture, have always attracted admirers of automobiles and in particular have been the place for motorsport events and rallies.

Antique cars, with their charm, their design, their elegance, their colors, match and enrich a place that already possesses a pinch of magic that has made it a privileged location for holiday since the Roman Empire.

Frascati in particular with its Pontifical Villas, represents an obligatory passage and more often a landing place, for classic car rallies, with the magnificent arrival in Piazza Marconi and the splendid view of Villa Aldobrandini, which dominates the town from above.

Fiat 500, Fiat 850 Spider, Fiat Topolino, 2 Cavalli and Dyane Citroen, Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, but also Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Maserati: there are dozens and dozens of vintage cars that every year have crossed (and still do) the Roman countryside, getting lost in the charm of Tuscolo, a 10 km path made of curves and surrounded by nature.

Frascati has always been the Cinderella of amongst the other towns, with its millenary beauty, its history, its culture

The Pearl of Castelli (this is the nickname wof the splendid location) shines for the quality of its food and wine products, with a culinary tradition rooted in the historical Roman cuisine and a superb white wine known throughout the world (Frascati DOCG wine).

Hotel Colonna is located in the center of Frascati and has always represented, with its elegance and its high standard, the ideal port for those who love the automobile events that take place in Castelli Romani.

With its covered garage, the Hotel offers the safest way to keep the most precious vintage and classic cars, like gems in a casket.

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