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The best Golf course around Rome (Lazio Region) and Castelli Romani.

The best Golf course in the Area of Rome, Lazio Region and Castelli Romani.

Rome and the Lazio Region have always been one of the areas that has most shown its love for Golf and 18 holes, and it was here, in 1903, that the first Italian golf club was inaugurated.

The area around the capital and in particular the Castelli Romani area, boasts some of the best golf clubs at national level and, alongside the sporting offer, is accompanied by natural and artistic beauty and ancient and amazing food and wine traditions.

There are 3 structures in particular that shine in the panorama of the Colli Albani area: Fioranello Golf Club, Castelgandolfo Country Club and Roma Acquasanta Golf Club.

Fioranello Golf Club

Fioranello Golf Club (18 holes, par 70, 5,577 m; 9 holes pitch&putt.) is located a few kilometers from Frascati, on the border with the Appia Antica archaeological park, and is totally immersed in the countryside.
Founded in 1979, in an estate that was once owned by the Boncompagni Ludovisi princes, it is one of the most welcoming and evocative clubs in the area and its clubhouse is renowned nationally for elegance and comfort.
The entire structure is a jewel of comfort and relaxation and offers an experience that goes beyond sport.
The clubhouse was built in 1984 while the 18 holes were inaugurated in 1990 after works to widen the course.

Country Club Castelgandolfo

Castelgandolfo Country Club (18 holes, par 72, 6,245 m) is located in a 17th century villa commissioned by Cardinal Flavio Chigi, nephew of Pope Alexander VII, located over a volcanic crater which was transformed by the genius of the architect Robert Trent Sr. in the beautiful and challenging golf course, which includes 93 bunkers, centuries-old olive trees, maritime pines, 3 lakes..
The club house is obviously located inside the villa, and offers a magnificent view of the 18 holes and the Roman countryside. It is another experience beyond sport, also thanks to the restaurant and the services that the golf club offers to its members.

Golf Club Roma Acquasanta

Roma Acquasanta Golf Club (18 holes, par 71, 6,000 m) is the oldest club in Italy and was founded in 1903. Its origin can be considered even earlier, in fact it was born thanks to "The Rome Glof Club" which was made up of British and American diplomats, who after having practiced their golf activity in various locations and villas of Rome, decided to look for a definitive base for their golf club activities. They therefore identified, in the lands belonging to the princes of Torlonia, the ideal place to build a Golf Club and Clubhouse.
The Club today presents one of the most entertaining 18-hole courses in Lazio and Italy.

Hotel Colonna and Golf

Within the area of Castelli Romani and Colli Albani, Frascati has always represented, due to its position and history, the cultural center and driving force amongst the surrounding towns: it is the city of the Pontifical Villas, the favorite holiday destination for nobility and aristocracy since the Roman Empire, it was the first town with its own railway line; it is the country closest to Rome, the one that shares a non-stop flow of people, work and ideas with the capital; it is the place where the most important scientific laboratories at national level are based, ESA/Esrin, INFN, ENEA, and so on..; it is well-known throughout the world as the City of Wine for its fine white wine and for an incorruptible and genuine Roman cuisine, faithful to tradition and accessible to all.

It is no coincidence that, even on a tourist level, Frascati represents an exception in the panorama of Castelli Romani and Lazio, and a base for those who want to visit the area in its entirety, or who want to visit Rome without the stress of metropolitan traffic; or the oasis for numerous golfers who, based in the center of this beautiful natural area, can pick and set off towards the most-likely golf club, and come back later to rest in the center of the city, and enjoy its enogastronomic wonders.

Taking advantage of the centrality of the location and the proximity of the facilities, and being able to count on a reputation for hospitality and tourism, the relationship with golf clubs and sports tourism has always been one of the focal points of our hotel.
Over the years there have been and still are numerous golfers who stop by us, (being able to count on an organization and professionalism of over 20 years), and who just have to relax and rely on us.
We organize transport to and from the clubs, we organize transfers to the airport, we book the courses and organize the schedule, we book the best restaurants in the area.