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Castelli Romani: the best mountain bike itineraries.

Castelli Romani: the best mountain bike itineraries in an amazing scenario!

If you are a bicycle enthusiast and especially a mountain bike enthusiast, the Castelli Romani area is the one where you need to stop: a myriad of different itineraries, which cross areas of historical importance, woods, valleys; and pass through very famous towns with timeless charm such as Frascati or Nemi; which offer wonderful views of Rome or magnificent lakes such as Lake Albano and Nemi.

Some itineraries:

Great ring of the Castelli Romani Regional Park

The "Great ring of the Castelli Romani Regional Park", is an itinerary that starts from the Frascati railway station (RM), extends for about 50 km through the municipalities of the area, with some variations such as the directions towards the Municipalities of Velletri and Lariano, which add an extra 16 km, bringing the total practicable length to approximately 70 km. It is a route designed around the railway stations of the municipalities, to maximize sustainable mobility (train + bicycle).

Frascati - Tusculum

We start from Piazza Marconi, the last square dominated by Villa Aldobrandini, and reachable by train from Rome. It literally starts "uphill", with the challenging climb towards Mount Tuscolo, crossing a path that starts from Villa Falconieri. From the top of Tusculum you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view. Then, you then go down a dirt road until you reach Via Tuscolana, and cross it to then take Via dei Principi. In a few kilometers you arrive at the horse trail of the woods, and therefore at the Annibale fields. You then proceed until you reach Rocca di Papa, and cross the center of the town. With a right turn, you take the dirt road again, and return to Frascati, comfortably downhill. This route is not technically demanding, but some uphill sections can be quite challenging.

Frascati - Grottaferrata

A 50 km route with a difference in altitude of approximately 1300 meters that starts from Frascati and winds through various places of interest inside Castelli Romani. Here again we move towards the Tusculum, you can alternatively pass through Villa Torlonia and continue along the dirt roads with the vineyards, above Villa Aldobrandini. Then again you reach via Tuscolana, but you cross the woods between Molara and Grottaferrata to head towards Colle Iano and the Madonnella. You head towards Maschio delle Faete, the highest peak in the Alban Hills, where you touch almost 1000 metres. From there, the descent is fun and you head towards the caves under the Palazzola convent. Continue around the lake clockwise, all downhill with some stretches on rocks. You cross Castel Gandolfo, cross the woods around the lake and go up a very narrow road, which does not allow cars to pass, to return to the provincial road towards Marino. You pass in front of the very famous Fontana dei Quattro Mori, from which wine flows during the Grape Festival, and then continue towards Squarciarelli in the direction of Grottaferrata, with a detour along via della Mola Vecchia. This route allows you to pass between the grindstone and the old paper mill and emerge right under the walls of the Abbey of San Nilo, which is worth a visit to its courtyards. From Grottaferrata, it is easy to return comfortably to Frascati.