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Orchidee dal Mondo 2024!

Orchidee del Mondo 2024: 3-day event dedicated entirely to orchids from 12 to 14 of April.

Orchidee dal Mondo is the floral event par excellence of the Castelli Romani, a 3-day event dedicated entirely to orchids (“Orchidaceae”), which fill the streets of Monte Porzio Catone (a few kilometers from Frascati). It is the international exhibition/market dedicated to the rarest and most valuable orchids, it is the possibility of admiring these beautiful flowers, but also the possibility of purchasing from the exhibitors placed in the streets of the center of Monte Porzio, which host specimens from all over the world.

The event will take place this year from 12 to 14 April, and at the same time as the strictly floral event, it will be an opportunity for musical, artistic and cultural events. For this 27th edition of  Orchidee dal Mondo, a very fun trip to Tusculum in search of wild orchids was designed: a real "treasure" hunt.
Now an integral part of the event is "Orchids in wine", a journey that brings together beauty and taste, with the tasting of wines from the best companies and wineries in the area. Unique in the panorama of the Castelli Romani is in fact the profile of Frascati Bianco DOCG, a white wine with a reputation that has crossed oceans and which always finds a place in Orchidee dal Mondo.

The orchids

The Orchidaceae (Orchidaceae Juss., 1789) belong to the family of monocotyledons, (which then belongs to the order Asparagales). Orchids is the name with which we commonly refer to their flowers. Most of the species are native to the tropical or sub-tropical areas of Asia, and despite the great adaptability of these perennial plants, only a very small part grows in cold environments.