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Lake of Castel Gandolfo?! ?! ..We present Lago di Albano (Lake Albano).

Lake Albano is mistakenly known as Lake Castel Gandolfo, and is one of the favorite destinations of the Castelli Romani.

Lago di Albano (Albano Lake) is one of the best-known and appreciated destinations of Castelli Romani, and it is, that splendid volcanic basin which every spring and summer attracts hundreds of people from the towns of Colli Albani (Albano Hills), and from Rome itself. It is mistakenly known to many as Castel Gandolfo lake, it is circular in shape, and it is a place that despite strong anthropization maintains a great variety in terms of flora and fauna.

Lago di Albano is the fourth largest lake in Lazio, as well as the deepest, reaching almost 170 meters deep. On its coasts there are important prehistoric and Roman archaeological remains, such as Villaggio delle Macine(grind village), the artificial emissary and the Doric and Bergantino nymphaeums, which are part of the complex of Domitian's Alban villa.

The lake's fish fauna is noteworthy, despite the very large human presence: Tench, Rovella, Rudd, Royal Perch, Eel... human presence which however does not preclude the nesting of a vast population of birds, which populate the banks and in particular the dense woodland cover: Mallards, Teals, Tufted Ducks, Pochards, Peregrine Falcon, Rock Rock Thrush, Kestrel, Whitethroat..

There are many activities that can be carried out in this enchanting place: mountain biking, jogging, excursions as well as obviously the typically "aquatic" sporting activities such as canoeing or pedal boats (both of which can be rented on the banks of the lake).

There are numerous itineraries that can be followed in the area, among which deserves a special mention the beautiful path that runs almost entirely along the shores of the lake, through a wonderful scenery partly made up of amazing woods.