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The Symposium on Earth observation for soil protection and restoration will take place in Frascati.

Frascati, 06th and 07th of March: Symposium on Earth observation for soil protection and restoration.

The Symposium on Earth observation for soil protection and restoration will take place in Frascati on 6 and 7 March 2024, at the ESA/Esrin laboratories.

The Symposium presents itself as an appeal to the European (and international) Community for a clean economy, which reverses land degradation, and stops desertification and the loss of biodiversity.

It will be an event that will include presentations, discussions and the classic poster exhibition.

The objectives of the symposium are numerous: from framing the usability of Earth observation technologies for soil protection; to the latest successes of satellite remote sensing for monitoring the components of the territory; to the presentation of the WORLDSOILS soil organic carbon monitoring system; to increase cooperation between agencies and administrations for the purpose of prevention and study; to policies and new business models.

The European Space Agency or ESA (in French Agence spatiale européenne, ASE, Europäische Weltraumorganisation in German) is an intergovernmental organization of the 22 member states, which deals with space exploration.

It was founded in 1975, headquartered in Paris, and today has a staff of approximately 2,000 employees worldwide and an annual budget of over 5 billion.

ESRIN (European Space Research Institute), is one of 5 specialized ESA centers and is based in Frascati.

ESA/Esrin (and the various neighboring research centers) are a huge source of pride for the city of Frascati, which adds an element of science and innovation to its curriculum made of its natural and artistic beauties, plus cultural and food and wine traditions.

The research centers are easily reachable from the city center, which every year hosts thousands and thousands of researchers who every day go to work in the laboratories of the various agencies.

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