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Motorbike and Castelli Romani: an amazing trip!

Castelli Romani are one of the 10 favorite destinations among two-wheel enthusiasts: with their beautiful and winding roads immersed in nature, they represent an amazing and stimulating experience for motorcycle lovers; here we have roads mostly accessible to any type of motorcycle, in a scenario where each location represents a little oasis within a long journey, where every biker can refuel its bike and its stomach genuine food, and warm up just a little bit the engines with one (only one, I recommend: safety and traffic rules first!) nice glass of DOCG wine.

Colli Albani with their hills, lakes, rows and narrow streets that wind around the sides of the mountains offer a series of routes of different difficulty and length.

Frascati, represents one of the obligatory stops in the Roman Castles trip: surrounded by sixteenth-century villas and the home of white wine, it can be the starting point for a trip in the Roman countryside, with its narrow streets running through the rows, and with piazza Marconi, overlooked by the splendid Villa Aldobrandini, from which to move your group and get through via Catone towards Via del Tuscolo: 10 km of curves immersed in nature, and then continuing towards Rocca di Papa or Grottaferrata.

Or maybe it could be an ideal destination, a landing place, for your trip that goes up from Rome to the historic Via Tuscolana and leads to the (metaphorical) flight of Via Veneto that ends in Piazza Marconi.

From Frascati onwards, the choice becomes very subjective, and, one does not sin at letting oneself go to instinct or fortune: great hilly reliefs (Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora), great panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and the Eternal City, with some obligatory stops such as the Appia Antica and Castel Gandolfo with Albano Lake.

But how not to mention Marino, Genzano, Grottaferrata, Nemi and the lake of the same name: each with its historical, natural and culinary characteristics.

For any info do not hesitate to visit our page, or to contact us directly: the choice is yours, let us organize a special itinerary for you, or start the adventure.

In any case, the Castelli Romani will leave you with a unique memory, and, our covered garage, will allow you a sweet, restful sleep, without the worry for your two-wheeled babies.