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Lazio and Easter Monday: visit Castelli Romani!

Easter Monday in Lazio: Castelli Romani and their top places to see.

Castelli Romani and Frascati in particular have always been the favorite destination for those from Rome and their outings and for those who from nearby regions, especially from the South of Italy, move along the motorway in search of nature, genuine food, and a vital environment .

What better occasion than to take advantage of Easter Monday to enjoy the beauty and food and wine goodness of the Castelli Romani and Colli Albani?
What better place for a picnic than a vast territory, whose large part is protected and which stands on an ancient volcano, with an incredible biodiversity that makes it unique: this is the area known as the Castelli Romani Regional Park, a vast area which includes many splendid lcoations that can be visited by the public, a favourite amongst the enthusiasts of trekking, mountain bike,or motor-bikers looking for breathtaking curves in a fairytale setting... or why not, simply nature lovers.

Parco Archeologico del Tuscolo (Tusculum Archaeological Park).
The real historical cultural center of Castelli Romani is the Archaeological Park of Tusculum (Tusculum), one of the favorite destinations among the Frascatani for their picnics, and characterized by the ancient amphitheater and the remains of the Roman city, (and of course by its exceptional natural setting). It is a particularly lush area, characterized by centuries-old chestnut and oak forests with large green spaces, as well as some fairy-tale views, which will stay in your memory for ever. It is an area that obviously perfect to both trekking and mountain biking. This is a location appreciated by motorcyclists who, in order to reach it, have to travel along the tortuous and magical Via del Tuscolo, one of the most beautiful roads in the Lazio region.

Pratoni del Vivaro.
Another favorite destination for picnics among the Frascatani, and an ideal destination for your top Easter Monday, are the Pratoni del Vivaro, a large grassy valley near Rocca di Papa, bordered to the north by the Maschio delle Faete and Monte Cavo, while to the south-east it is bordered by Monte Artemisio. It is another ideal place for excursions, picnics, trekking, mountain bike and even horse riding thanks to the Equestrian Center based in the area.

Lake of Albano.
It is one of the best known and popular places in the province of Rome, although mistakenly known as Lake of Castel Gandolfo, and it is the fourth largest volcanic basin in Lazio. Of the two lakes of Castelli Romani, it is certainly the one where the human presence has been most felt, yet it is possible to spot numerous species of birds that nest near the basin, such as Pochards, Teals, Mallards... The shores of the lake are suitable for sporting activities such as jogging, mountain bike, and it is possible to rent pedal boats and canoes to fully enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Lake of Nemi.
The smaller of the two lakes of Castelli Romani, but also the least anthropized and the one which maintains its wildest character, with its numerous species of birds, fish and crustaceans. Recommended for the most intransigent nature enthusiasts.

Trekking – Bosco del Cerquone (Cerquone Woods).
Located a few kilometers from Frascati, Bosco del Cerquone is one of the very rare cases of native woodland not converted into a chestnut forest, and is part of the list of SIC (Sites of Community Importance), for its exceptional variety of fauna and flora. Starting from Rocca Priora (a few kilometers from Frascati), there is a mixed asphalted road/path route, much appreciated by trekking and walking lovers and which arrives right at the Cerquone woods and its extraordinary wonders (for more information visit the our page

Mountain Bike – Volcano Path.
A challenging itinerary, which crosses the Castelli Romani Regional Park and runs alongside the crater of the ancient Lazio volcano in a suggestive setting.

Mountain Bike – Castelli Romani Regional Park.
For true enthusiasts, there is the classic route which, starting from Frascati, passes through Grottaferrata, Marino, Castel Gandolfo, Albano, Genzano, and Ariccia, to reach Nemi, across all the main towns within the area of the Castelli Romani Regional Park. Reserved only for those with more than amateur training.

For motorbike enthusiasts, Frascati is an obligatory stop, a base for resting or departing towards that magical stretch of curves which is represented by Via del Tuscolo (with an excursion to the Archaeological Park of Tuscolo). For those who would like to embark on a longer tour, the Castles represent a kind of ring, a circular route that passes through all the most beautiful and representative municipalities in the area. Starting from Frascati (the closest to Rome and the best known amongst them) you can head towards Grottaferrata, Marino, Castel Gandolfo and then via Appia towards Albano Laziale. Finally Genzano, Velletri, Nemi and then heading towards Rocca di Papa and returning to Frascati, where you can indulge in the various dozens of fraschette, typical restaurants etc, but above all their Roman cuisine and their Frascati DOCG White Wine.
There are many things to see along the way and for which we refer to our web pages ( see and more).