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Frascati and Naples, a twinning that has always lasted.

The Link between Frascati and Naples.

The bond between Frascati and Naples (or the Neapolitans) and in general those arriving from Campania, is a really close one and connects two areas of our territory, two different regions, with many points in common.
Historically, there are many tourists coming from Naples and from the whole Campania region, who visit Frascati and the Castelli Romani, and mainly concern that type of tourist, who travels on weekends, by car, with his family, and who seems the perfect prototype of a person, who can immerse himself in this part of the Lazio region, and enjoy all its specialties.

But let's go in order...
What is it that attracts so many visitors to this particular area? What are the similarities between these two regions, Lazio and Campania, and in particular between Castelli Romani and Naples?

The position.
Frascati is by the matter of fact, an obligatory stop for those coming from the South of Italy via the A1, or Autostrada del Sole (the Highway of the Sun). It is the most important town among those close to the motorway exit (5 km), it is famous throughout the world for its DOCG white wine and its traditional cuisine.
Castelli Romani is in general one of the most sought-after destinations in Lazio tourism and it is very frequent for those who visit the capital to make a "drop in" to the area.
It therefore becomes obvious, coming from Campania, to stop in this area of the Roman countryside.

The Cuisine.

Well, when it comes to cuisine and in particular traditional cuisine, Roman and Neapolitan are two illustrious representatives of Italian cuisine.
Nowaday Frascati fully inherits the scepter of Roman cuisine: those who want to taste it in the capital risk encountering only restaurants for tourists and pre-cooked foods; or alternatively, they must be careful not to forget their gold card on the bedside table, as the few traditional restaurants remained take advantage of the very little real competition, to raise prices beyond human understanding.
However, the scenario is different here in Frascati, where the cuisine has remained faithful to tradition, high quality but popular and accessible to all. The cuisine of Naples perhaps presents a greater variety than ours, but both have a popular aspect and a strong taste that make them close.
Both are family cuisines: both can satisfy the needs of adults as well as children.

History and Art.

When we talk about Rome and Naples we talk about the two greatest representatives of the peninsula in terms of history and artistic beauty. And Frascati has always been, since Ancient Rome, the favorite destination of the Romans as place for vacation and leisure.
It is the place of the Villas of the Popes and Princes, a flourishing place, surrounded by greenery. A place that tells of history and principalities.
And Frascati is not Rome, so there is no risks of competition like that between the very proud inhabitants of the two metropolises...
Whatever the reason, the fact is that the people of Campania love Frascati, and come there on holiday... just like the Romans do!

Rome and Traffic.

No, not a line from a movie, nor a cliché, but a sad reality: moving around Rome by car has become nearly impossible. More and more often, those who visit the capital choose train and subway transport.
The Eternal City is crossed by numerous lines that connect the most extreme suburbs and the surrounding countryside with the center of Rome.
Frascati, from this point of view, has a privileged place, with a direct railway that takes you to the central station of Rome Termini in approximately 24 minutes(less than the last stop of the Metro).
It happens more and more often that Roman tourism chooses the towns of the Roman countryside rather than the suburbs for economic convenience, for safety, and for the beauty of the surroundings.
The same goes for those arriving from Campania: they unload their luggage and cars in Frascati, and reach the beauties of Caravaggio, Bernini, Borromini etc. by train.
Comfort guaranteed, stress saved!


There is a symbolic element that links Frascati and Campania, an icon known throughout the world, the mask of Naples par excellence: Pulcinella(Puffin).
Very few know that this Campania’s mask has also become a symbol of Frascati’s Carnival, and the main character of the "Pulcinellata" (Pulcinellas Parade), a must among the Frascatans who cannot avoid taking part in the parade of thousands of Pulcinellas that fill the streets of the town.
A mask so important to the Carnival that the celebration ends with the funeral of the mask, whose giant puppet is burned in the main square of the town.

This Lazio/Campania marriage has always lasted and will probably continue forever, given the spontaneity and hospitality of the inhabitants of these two regions.