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Bike itineraries: Lazio, what the amazing Roman countryside offers.

If you are looking for bike itineraries to cross within the Lazio Region, Castelli Romani represent one of the obligatory stops.

Castelli Romani are mandatory: mandatory because of their curves and the wonderful ups and downs; mandatory for the Roman cuisine and the wine tradition (obviously drink only when you plan to stop somewhere, and obviously, staying and sleeping at Colonna is mandatory).
Today we propose a couple of alternative routes with related trips and binges, which will make you fall in love with the Roman countryside.

And before starting, let's make a summary of all the famous names that echo in the minds of tourists and bikers: Frascati, Monte Porzio Catone, Montecompatri, Grottaferrata, Marino, Rocca Priora, Rocca di Papa, Castel Gandolfo, Albano Laziale, Ariccia, Nemi , Genzano di Roma, Velletri and Lariano. If you want to know more, specifically, visit our page, otherwise, keep reading.

Itinerary 1 (Tour of the Castles)

Departure in the morning from Frascati, and from the amazing scenario of Villa Aldobrandini.
We head towards via del Tuscolo and its 10 km of great curves; direction Grottaferrata and the splendid. Abbey of San Nilo, a place which is worth for a stop and parking your monster.

The next destination is Castel Gandolfo, known for the Pontifical Gardens.
Passing Grottaferrata you aim for the famous Marino of "Lo vedi ecco Marino, la sagra c’è dell’Uva” ( “you see it here is Marino, there is the Grape Festival" a typical well-known Roman Song). By motorbike, along the way to Castel Gandolfo you can enjoy the wonderful views of the Lake of Albano.

Immediately afterwards we meet Albano Laziale, Genzano di Roma, Velletri and finally Nemi. All very famous towns, each with something unique and inimitable.
However, your step will make the itinerary. We obviously advise you to go with caution, but saying not to open the throttle to a biker is like asking white wine not to join a plate of “porchetta”.

Nemi, is the other obligatory stop, as we said the towns are one more astonishing and characteristic than the other, but we recommend you not to overdo it: after all, you can always come back to us and recover another time what you missed.
Anyway, stop in Nemi, home of the well-known Strawberries, move again and you are in the middle of the Roman countryside, destination Rocca di Papa.

This is above all a stretch of driving in the middle of a fabulous natural setting, with woods, countryside, vineyards.. You pass through Rocca Priora, Montecompatri, Monte Porzio Catone and come back to Frascati. Frascati is known as the City of Wine.. do I need to add more?

Waiting for you you will meet dozens and dozens of typical restaurants, trattorias, taverns, the well-known "fraschette", bars, pubs .. Here the Roman cuisine has found new life, while in Rome the old trattorias gradually became restaurants for tourists. You will not be disappointed, believe me.. and then, let's say it with a little pride: Frascati is amazing! .. and you will not be disappointed with our rooms either: 18 rooms furnished in empire style, to give you a well-deserved rest, and a covered garage, to give safety to your "babes", protected from theft, scratches, falls..

Itinerary 2 (for departure)

You still move from Villa Aldobrandini and Piazza Marconi.
You head towards via del Tuscolo and its 10 km of great curves..Stop at Rocca di Papa and its sensational panoramas, with the belvedere overlooking the two main lakes of the area, Lake Nemi and Lake Albano.

Back in the saddle, destination Lariano, a city famous for its Pane di Lariano, the bread with its unmistakable colour.
Then we go up towards Rocca Priora, down towards Zagarolo, destination Tivoli and via Tiburtina.

Here the road winds its way uphill, and you arrive at the open space of Piazza Garibaldi.
You dismount and in a couple of minutes you are at the entrance of Villa d'Este.

Tivoli is probably not at the level of Castelli in terms of food and wine choice, but it still has some strongholds of Roman cuisine that you can easily recognize, by smell, or by asking the first DOC Tiburtino (Tivoli citizen) you meet along the street. The names are always the same, go for rustic cuisine and you won't take a shot in the dark.

For the return, set Castel Madama as the motorway exit on Google Map and in a few minutes you will be on your way home. Safe travels and see you soon.