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Best mountain bike track in Lazio: Big Circuit of Regional Park of Castelli,

When it comes to MTB tracks or cycling/cycling itineraries, Castelli Romani appear in the notebook of every self-respecting cyclist.

The Castelli area has always been one of the most beautiful and richest areas in Italy, in terms of natural landscapes, historical value, traditions, food and wine.

Very few lands of “the boot”(how Italians call their country due to its boot kind of shape) can boast such a cultural, dialectal, architectural variety as that of Castelli, an area made up of a myriad of splendid towns each with its own peculiar characteristics, but all united by the sense of belonging to that unicum which Castelli Romani are.

The birth of "Grande anello del Parco regionale dei Castelli" ( the big circuit of the Castelli Romani regional park) is no coincidence, it is a cycle tour that winds for 52km through the main cities of Colli Albani.

It is a circular trail of a certain difficulty that touches the main railway stations in the area, as well as the station of Montecompatri (Rome Metro C), with the idea of promoting ecological and clean tourism, where mountain bike enthusiasts reach the municipalities of interest without using the car.

The route ideally starts from the station of Frascati, the town of papal villas, touches all the main locations of Castelli and comes back in Frascati.

The Itinerary

We leave Frascati station, we quickly say goodbye to Villa Aldobrandini and head towards the amazing curves of via del Tuscolo.

Between dirt roads and ancient Roman paving stones you arrive at the enchanting setting of Parco del Tuscolo (Tusculum Cultural Archaeological Park).

Continue towards Rocca Priora, skirting kilometers of woods and paths in a dreamy atmosphere, in order to arrive at the famous and splendid Pratoni del Vivaro, most Castellani’s favorite place for outings, picnics and Easter Mondays(“Castellani are obviously the citizens of Castelli Romani).

Then we head towards Nemi through a myriad of lanes, and cross the center of the town, well-known for its splendid terraces overlooking the lake of the same name.

From there, heading toward Castel Gandolfo, the city of the Pontifical Gardens, you skirt the wonderful lake of Albano.

Then Marino, Grottaferrata and back to Frascati, with the "ideal" sprint in Piazza Marconi, with Villa Aldobrandini dominating the scene and greeting and promising our cyclists the wonders of a small town, Frascati, which has always been the summer residence of Popes, nobles, but also the favorite destination of the Romans for their outings (and overeating).

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