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Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2024.

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Conference 2024.

The Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Conference 2024 will take place from the 03rd to the 6th of June in Frascati, more exactly in the LNF laboratories.
The event is organized every year by the NEXT group at INFN-LNF and revolves around the developments of nonoscience and its technological applications.
The meeting consists in lectures and presentations of new researches around nanoscience and nanotechnology and all the areas that are influenced by them.


NEXT is the nanoscience laboratory of the LNF. Since 2000s, the NEXT group has been working in the synthesis of carbonaceous nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene nanoplatelets and so on. During the years these materials are more and more utilized in many fields from medical devices to telecommunications or aerospace sector.


Nanoscience is the scientific field that studies the matter on the nanometer scale (the scale of atoms and molecules, one millionth of a millimeter). At this scale (the nanoscale), quantum mechanical effects as well as surface area become important in describing properties of matter, which influenced by the way molecules and atoms assemble. And the way these properties operate is different on the macroscale against the nanoscale.


Nanotechnology is the application of nanoscience and as defined by the National Nanotechnology Initiative, is the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers (nm). Thanks to nanotechnology we are able to design new custom-made nanomaterials and nanosize components with enhanced properties and immense possibilies. The range of the fields influenced by nanotechnology has no limit: from medicine and surgery, biology, telecommunications, aerospace field, AI, there is really no technological and scientific field that is not interested by Nanotechnology and Nanoscience.

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